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The Member Training and Certification 


The Nominations and Awards Committee annually solicits and recommends candidate(s) for ITS Tennessee scholarship(s).  A new scholarship entitled “ITS TN Member Training and Certification Scholarship” is now available to industry professionals pursuing a certification or further training in an Intelligent Transportation field.

This scholarship assists those seeking to advance their skill set, through additional training and certification courses, to better serve their organizations and the ITS industry in Tennessee.  This scholarship amount is up to $1500 annual reimbursement for being accepted to and scheduled in technical or certification coursework. This reimbursement is also available to members who have paid for certification courses in the past 12 months, not paid for by their employer, to further their career and technical skills.  


  • Applicants must describe their current role and reasoning for pursing the certification/technical class, as well as how it will improve their work in Tennessee. 

  • Awards of this scholarship will not be give to attendance of annual conferences, technical forums, or webinars. 

  • Examples of certification coursework or specific training are: TTAP Training, IMSA Signal Technician Certification, Fiber Optic Certification. 

  • Current full-time students are not eligible for this award. 

  • Part-time students who are employed by a member organization in a full-time capacity are eligible for this scholarship. 


Applications will be reviewed and awards presented on a rolling basis as applications are submitted. ​

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