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2024 Winter Meeting

ITS TN held our 2024 Winter Meeting in Chattanooga. UT Chattanooga was a phenomenal host allowing us to provide an afternoon of technical presentations and a hands on tour along with a very insightful and discussion-filled systems engineering training session facilitated by USDOT and Noblis. We had a great turnout and want to thank everyone that made the trip in! We also wanted to provide one more thank you to our event sponsors: Gresham Smith, Miovision, Southern Lighting and Traffic, and Stantec! We also spent an evening out at Top Golf, providing a great opportunity for our membership to gather and hang out. I hope everyone found the event valuable. We look forward to seeing everyone again at our Annual Meeting in Nashville as well as joining our other Quarterly Meetings throughout the year. Links are provided below to the event presentations as well as Annual Meeting registration. Cheers!

Annual Meeting Registration:

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